Coat of Chalatenango


The coat of Chalatenango was adopted in the year 1969 and since then is a national symbol that represents the department.

Coat of Chalatenango

It consists of two flags on the sides, of which the left is the Chalatenango and the right of El Salvador. The center is divided into five sections.

In the first, in the upper left, is represented agriculture, livestock (economic activities), and the rock of San Ignacio Cayaguanca.

In the second, the upper right side a typical picture symbolizing maize. In the third part, in the center of it, is there a map of Chalatenango, marking the head of the department and the pine forests of the upper.

At the lower end of the left side shows the bridge Lempa (Colima), and on the right side, the dam November 5.

The representative symbology is enclosed in an oval and within this smaller one. Among the width and length shows the department’s founding date (February 14, 1855) and around 33 stars, representing the number of municipalities that owns and three biggest stars, reflecting the three districts of the department Chalatenango (Chalatenango, Tejutla and Dulce Nombre de María).


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