Dulce Nombre de Maria

The small town in the mountains of Chalatenango is a quiet village that offers fresh air and a pace of life slow even for Salvadoran standards. It has many canteens and pupuserías, small stores, pharmacies and other items normally found in a small town.

Dulce Nombre de María is a city located in the department of Chalatenango, 72 km from San Salvador, at an altitude of 440 meters. Their celebrations begin on December 6 and conclude on December 12.

The people are very friendly and willing to help when you need it, and most Salvadorans. Take a few hours to explore the village and let us know what else has.

Few sunsets can be seen with all the splendor offered by the mountains that surround Dulce Nombre de Maria, municipality of Chalatenango. Its streets are narrow and curved by adobe and brick houses. Many of them look wall paintings of landscapes from pine that has the locality.

Holy Name of Mary, has been brushed for tourism. This city was dyed all white, and more colorful look has painted images of their natural resources, historical and many saints, on more than 650 homes. With colorful murals alluding urban tourism are greeted visitors arriving at the town of Dulce Nombre de Maria.

Dulce Nombre de Maria

The pictures are of the waterfalls and the Chorro Blanco and La Conquista, Río Sumpul,, the caves El Ermitaño and El Diablo and viewpoints La Paz, El Amor and La Luna, the hills El Candelero, El Aserradero and La Tortilla, mayor , Central Park, the turicentros Mi Pueblito and Manantiales de la Montaña, El Manzano Ecological Park, the current and the former church.

The project was called “Embellecimiento de la zona urbana” and is intended to improve the image of the municipality and promote local tourism. But this is not in vain, the initiative is seen atrer more tourists and thus promote the creation of jobs and a better life for the residents, the township has real natural resources and on the north, pine trees, waterfalls and landscapes. The construction of the Northern Longitudinal Highway, which passes through the town, bring more national and international tourism, which will project the municipality for its economic development.

There are cultural activities such as the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Holy Name of Mary, carpets of flowers and fruits produced in Easter, the feast of corn and crafts in the area.


There is a tourist information office located in city hall, and caters to visitors from Monday to Friday.

The hotel and water park “Mi Pueblito”

The “Hotel and Restaurant El Mirador”, 10 rooms, with a capacity for 50 people.

Spring Mountain with a restaurant, with its pools and over 10 mountain blocks to explore, is a perfect place if you want to get away from all your worries. The mountain views are excellent and one can see the volcanoes of San Salvador and San Vicente well Guazapa the hill and mountains of Chalatenango and Honduras. If you plan to spend the night do not forget to bring warm clothing as temperatures are quite icy.

The hill La Conquista and Hermit’s Cave. On the outer walls of the cave paintings are Hispanic, two hands and a red heart, and other hieroglyphic figures.

The park El Manzano, with an area of ​​110 blocks, eight kilometers north of Dulce Nombre de Maria. One is in a mountainous area between 1200 and 1300 meters above sea level. Admission is one dollar and the price of the cabins range from four to five dollars.

Encounters area is rich in vegetation and wildlife. In the vicinity of the river can be seen as junera trees, quebracho, pine, olive, gourd, and pepeto amate. Among animals, there are iguanas, armadillos, agoutis, hawks and parrots. Of the fish, set the silver, chimbolos, filines, GUAPOTES, sunfish. The river flows through private property, but during the summer, especially in Holy Week, the area is filled with visitors looking to enjoy a walk or fishing.

The Hotel Dos Alas, has six rooms, pool, restaurant, walkways and gazebo, among other attractions.


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