The Instituto Nacional “Dr. Francisco Martinez” (INFRAMS) Chalatenango city was founded in the early years of the 1950’s.

The first class graduated in 1955. At that time the local school was in Morazan Street (where now stands Almacenes Bomba)

First promotion inframs 1955

First it was called “Instituto Nacional de Chalatenango”, a name that was retained until July 1962, when by agreement number 4758 Executive power was called “Dr. Francisco Martínez Suárez”, a character Chalateco jurist, who had a long career policy in our country’s international relations and former Rector of the National University in 1895.


In 1971, he opened the INFRAMS existing facilities, the event was broadcast on channel 10 of El Salvador, and counted with the diversification of the high schools, will start training in three branches: Agricultural, Commercial and Academic.

Academic high school in 1998 was renamed “General Bachelor” and had various occupations for young people to learn skills such as: Bakery, Tailoring, Dressmaking, Screen Printing and carpentry.

During the earthquake that struck the country in 2001, the INFRAMS suffered considerable damage to its infrastructure, which in the following years was restored and reinforced for safety of the student population.

Currently holds diurnal patterns with General baccalaureate (two years), Agricultural (three years), Technical Vocational (Sub modalities: Accounting and Administrative Assistance, each of three years). Night mode and distance (with a day Saturday).

Since its founding INFRAMS, has been responsible for secondary education in the city of Chalatenango and other surrounding municipalities.


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