San Miguel de Mercedes

San Miguel de Mercedes is one of the thirty-three municipalities in the department of Chalatenango. It is a place that lacks plains, urban image is, in this respect, very representative.

San Miguel de Mercedes


The foundation of this ancient town dating back to pre-Hispanic times and although it is located in a busy area since time immemorial by Lenca tribes. Its ancient name was Teqchonchogo Nahuatl origin. Teqchonchogo The name means “place of the chonchos and stones” or even “The Seven Willows”. Through the years it has been known as Teqchonchogo (1548), San Miguel Techincho (1740), Techoncho (1770) and San Miguel de Mercedes since 1848.


San Miguel de Mercedes is a quiet and safe. The whole town is very picturesque, as it retains the old houses with tiled roofs, some of adobe. Its colonial style church with its bell tower, sacristy, convent, and inside there are images of saints (San Juan, San Lucas, San Jose, La Sagrada Familia, etc..) Carved wood and plaster.

The municipality has an area of 19.61 km ², and the head an altitude of 490 meters, has 5 counties, 10 villages. The weather is warm. According to the 2007 census, had a population of 2,487 inhabitants.


Rivers have not yet contaminated, there is a breathtaking view from the square to the lake Suchitlán. It has a hill called “The Zope”, from where you have a lovely view of the lake Suchitlán.

There are two parks, one at the entrance of the village, which features soccer and bascketball, a kiosk, drinking water, and barbeque grills and one in the square for children.


The city holds two major festivals held in the town, the first is given in the month of September in honor of the Virgin of Mercedes (patron saint of the town) and the second is at the end of November and is in honor of St. Miguel Arcangel, the co-patron.

If you want to know about this place, you can go through the Longitudinal del Norte, is located ten minutes from the city of Chalatenango, south of the provincial capital.


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