The Siguanaba


“The Siguanaba” is a Salvadoran mythological character. Shown in phantom female form beautiful body, is presented to men who are unfaithful. Looking at it closely has the face of a mare. Appears regularly in uninhabited places, especially in the dumps, ravines and rivers, where he leads the men in love with her ​​and makes them fall causing loss of life and soul for her.

La Siguanaba

 The Legend


Originally called Sihuehuet (beautiful woman), had an affair with the son of the god Tlaloc, which became pregnant. She was a bad mother, leaving her son alone to meet her lover. When Tlaloc found out what was happening Sihuehuet cursed Sihuanaba calling (ugly woman). She would be beautiful at first sight, but when men approach him, would turn and become a being horrible.

The god condemned to wander the countryside, appearing to men traveling alone at night. They say that is seen at night in rivers of El Salvador, washing clothes and always looks for his son Cipitío, which was granted eternal youth by the god Tlaloc, as suffering for her.

According to what the legend, all nighters are likely to find. However, more insistently pursuing men in love, the Don Juans who boast about their sexual conquests. To these, the Siguanaba appears to them in any tank water late at night, or on the banks of rivers according to other versions. The crate look with gold bathing and combing her beautiful black hair with a comb of the same metal, her beautiful body is revealed through her nightgown.

Some traditions mention that the man who goes crazy looking for her. Then the Siguanaba calls it, and it is taking up a ravine. Teaches the face when they’ve earned it, his face becomes pale as dead, his eyes out of their sockets and turn red like bleed, her skin smooth and delicate before becomes wrinkled and greenish, your nails grow and loose a raucous laugh terror which paralyzes the listener. To avoid losing your soul, man must bite a cross or a medal and commend to God. Another way to get rid of the influence of the Siguanaba, is to make a supreme effort and approach it as much as possible or possible, lie on the ground facing the sky, reach out to touch her hair, and then halárselo. Thus Siguanaba startled and pulled into the ravine.

Others say you should grab a clump of brush, and so when she pulls one victim to grab hold of the brush, she feels that you pull hair. This practice is more effective, as it is the proper antidote to counteract the evil power of this magical woman. A functional approach to watch a woman in the river without knowing if the Siguanaba, is three times shouting: “You’re not going crabgrass Mary”; if the Siguanaba be scared and launch the ravine, if was not she will tell you that you’re crazy, but you spend the scare. Take the necessary precautions otherwise do not ask if you ever say that you were played by Siguanaba.


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